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Lyrics  3

 I Want to Believe in You   Thomas J. Carrig                                               


How can I understand what I can’t see?

              Bb                                                  F

When I hardly understand what I can?


You want me to believe what you believe;


Like a child, playing, just pretend


Jesus said to love one another

And He’d come to judge us in the end   

But Cain is killing Abel, and David wants Bathsheba

And what I really need here is a friend



F                                                  Bb

And I, I want to believe in you

                 F                                                     Bb

And yes I, want to put my faith there too

                  F                                                       Bb

Oh yeah I, I want to put my trust in you

                     C                                                               F                     

So we can survive. Yeah survive,  stayin’ alive.



You think by saying Jesus, somehow that will appease us .


Are you convincing me or is it you?


I believe in Jesus 

And in all the things he teaches

G                                                     C

What I just don’t know about is you.





The Tower of Babel continues 

              Bb                                                     F

As we search for the will or mind of God


So much interpretation, and mental inflation


Can we give up the body and the blood?


I’m here to follow my calling 

I just don’t know where else to go

Living on earth is far from mirth 

The crucifixion just seems a little slow


My life is kind of confusing

As I watch this human comedy

You say that after all this wonder and confusion  

My soul, my spirit will be free


I would like to believe you

So what is it that you want from me?

Many of ‘em fakers or just some money rakers

And good ones can’t seem to agree


F                                                  Bb

So I, I want to believe in you

                 F                                                     Bb

And yes I, I want to put my faith there too

                  F                                                       Bb

Oh yeah I, I want to put my trust in you

                     C                                                                              F                        

So we can survive. Yeah survive! To make it past alive


You come right here before me 

And tell me of God’s glory

But honey, you a’int sellin’ nothin’ new


Sure I would like Heaven

There’s nothing else like Heaven

But what I have right here right now is you



                            NOW IS  

                                                    by Tommy Carrig

E                   E/B                    E/A            A/E                  A 

We’ve opened our eyes but we don’t really care when all of time began; 

  B                                                  B7          A                              E  

“Let there Be Light” was sounded, or boom, a great Big Bang.

  E                                                                   A/E                    A

Something comes from Something;  so that’s nice, it’s always been

   B                                                                                E

‘Cuz’ what Is, is now and now is now in the space-time   continuum.

*F                                                                                                 Bb

We have faith in a future and remember a past but now is, and keeps on ‘is-zing’.

C                                                                         Bb/D                          F/C 

Time just keeps on movin’: it whizzes by and keeps on whizzing.

F                                                                    Bb                    

The only time we really know, is the time we all call Now.

C                                        C7    F 

Now is now is now is now, now now now now now now now now now.

F     Bb    C   F              F    Bb    C    F

*F#                                                                                         B

Look around you and see the Now. What is and is not there?

                 C#                                                     B                                     F#

Experienced in your place and your friends can feel it in theirs.

F#                                                                             B 

We witness now, the all-present now, that we see and are not seeing

C#                                                                        E                        F#                    

All exist right now, all together now. In this Supreme Being?  


B   E   A    D    G   A   A   D       

F                                                                     Bb

Something comes from Something. It is self-evident.

C                                      C7       Bb                   F

Essence all around us; in every element.

 F                                               Bb

Witnessed by, everything, especially You and me;

C                                                                           F

Supreme Being all around us, compounded exponentially



G                                                       C

Now is, is now is now is now is not now anymore 

D                                                           C                   G

The Universal Supreme Great Spirit The Wonder of  our Orb

G                                                            C

Now is,  was, and Now is will be; the Is that we explore

D                                                              F                                     G

Our spirits live on in the eternal now. And that’s what we live for?



G   C   D   G  -- 2x






What Now???

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