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Lyrics  1

        The Word Is Love

                             Thomas J. Carrig


There is just one word in the whole wide world.

It is the one word where you will be found.

The word is love; it just crowns and crowns.

The word is love: it just crowns and crowns.


So, if you want to get love, you've got to


give love.

D                              G

So, give your love.


Yeah, if you want to get love, you've got to


give love.

D                              G

So, give your love.


          C        D         Em   D

And you will be found.

          C        D         Em   D

Yes, you will be found, [yes you will,]

C         D         Em  D

You will be found


In love.


2nd Verse

C                                                   G

Don't be discouraged; just add some courage

      D                                      G

Be brave,be strong, and be true.

             C                                    G  

Don't fall to temptation 'cuz' God separation

A                         D

Just is no good for you.


1st Verse

3rd Verse


C                                              G

Don't fake it, mistake it, or forsake love

      D                                          G

Be honest, patient, and  true.

       C                               G      

Be patient and kind, and you will find 

        D                            G

That love will come to you.


[Rythm Change]

C                          G

Love is tender and love is gracious and

D                            G

Love is cordial and great.[patient&kind]

C                                         G

Love has no gender, and love has no race

D                                      G

It's a beautiful feeling, and it's in your face.


3rd Verse, 2nd Verse


Yesterday's Gone     Thomas J. Carrig   

I've been searchin' and searchin'

But it's so hard to find.

Happiness, understanding,

Or just, peace of mind.


I've tried some religion

and I've tried out some sin.

I look for a new vision

and again I begin.


Yesterday's gone ,  Yesterday's gone.

Yesterday's gone,  Yesterday's gone.


The dinosaurs, they lived

A long time ago.

They all disappeared 

In an age of ice and snow.


Is it some kind of message      

That they became extinct.

That we take care in the future

'Cuz' it may not be what we think.


Yesterday's gone,Yesterday's gone.

Yesterday's gone Yesterday's gone.




Tomorrow's a brand new beginning

If we do all we can today.

Yesterday determines our thinking

In tomorrow's yesterday.


When will I see life that's shining,

And behold all glory and might?

What is it I am refining,

For the Everlasting Light?




The mysteries of life and death


The purpose of Earth, the planets and stars,

And all of creation.


Today is filled with the past

In a  present ,changing Now.

We have no choice but the future,

And to the Eternal, we must bow.


Yesterday's gone,  Yesterday's gone.

Yesterday's gone,  Yesterday's gone.


I hear the Voice of Love and Light,

And It grabs my attention.

Then I forget and do stupid things

And I'm filled with apprehension.


I pray to the Power

And I pray for some strength,

I pray for some knowledge

and a life that has length.


Time's no illusion

and there's life's in a dream.

Flesh is so vital 

And Spirit gives being.

That minute, that hour,

That second is gone.

Where will I wind up?

Can I be strong?


I'll have to be careful

How my minutes are bred.

Be careful of evil 

And not be misled.

'Cuz' it will haunt me and pain me.

It will mess with my head.

And the next thing I know is that

I will be 




Gone. Yeah Yesterday's Gone.

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